Tribute To Friendship - 2016

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Short teaser of Zak & Roderick singing - compliments of JHV Online (Jewish Herald Voice)

Click on this YouTube link - it is very short. Zak got a round of applause when people realized that he can sing. 

To watch the video presented at the Tribute to Friendship:

Also pictures taken at the event:   Click here for picture album

Friendship Circle Houston - WALK 2016 edited video of Friendship Tribute Honoring The Katzenellenbogen's including words from a sibling and song from a participant.

Edited to 15.20 minutes at 

0 to 5.07 minutes = Rabbi Dovid Goldstein introduction

5.20 to 6.50 minutes = Presentation

6.52 to  10.43  minutes = Zoe (volunteer extraordinaire) a perspective from someone who has a sibling with Special Needs

11.18  to  15.20  minutes = Zak sings a duet with friend/volunteer Roderick