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Sleeping TEA Judge 2012 - 02-10-2012

Sleeping Special Education Judge Resigns under Fire.

Sleeping Special Education Judge Resigns under Fire. A Texas special education hearing officer resigned after being caught on camera, sleeping during testimony critical to a disabled teenager's future.Word of the resignation came just hours after Larry Craddock e-mailed FOX 26 News to decline comment on video, still pictures and witness affidavits that would be included in a report scheduled for the 5 p.m. show. "It was not short little naps. He was actually sleeping for extended periods of time," said Myrna Silver, an education attorney representing the North Texas student involved in the case.

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ABC News - June 15, 2010

Autistic Salutatorian Delivers High School Graduation Speech

Seder For All - March 2010

Article in the Houston Chronicle Friday 03/26/2010 "Houston Belief Section"

Shabbaton - March 2010

Jewish Herald Voice article about Yachad Shabbaton in Dallas with Houston participants - ‘How beautiful it is’: Shabbaton fosters inclusive environment for special needs community

03/11/2010 * Fox 26 TV -Greg Groogan reports on TopSoccer @ the JCC

12/16/2009 - * YAD B’YAD community wide Chanukah Extravaganza

Details of the YAD B’YAD community wide Chanukuh Extravaganza

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# 1 supporter of Jewish Special Needs in Houston — * The Jewish Herald Voice *
01/2008 - Alexander Institute - update — * Yom Limmud (02/17/2008) * - items of interest on the bottom of page
01/2008 - Dyslexia — * Houston branch of the International Dyslexia Association (HBIDA) *
01/2008 - Katie Wright Article — * Katie is the outspoken daughter of the founders of “Autism Speaks" *
01/2008 - NAMI Metro Houston — * National Alliance on Mental Illness is a non-profit organization (NAMI) *
01/22/2009 JHV article Houston start-up aims to put special needs people to work  — Celebration Company (JFS/Alexander Institute) will in part, function as a vocational agency, evaluating each individual’s needs and capabilities.
08/2009 JVH article on Saving Evan White* Houstonian subject of documentary *
Article - 1 - JHV - New Institute debuted* JFS - Alexander Institute in Houston *
Article - 2 - JHV - Sept. 2007 — * Formation of Alexander Institute in Houston *
Article - 3 - JHV 08/13/2007 — * Editorial by Joe Samuels *
Article - 4 - JHV 11/22/2007 — * Renee Wallace created a new habitat in Texas *
Article - Come forward for special needs — * Article in the Houston Jewish Herald-Voice by Vicki Samuels - 12/2006 *
Article - JHV on Club Haver 3/2007* Great article on the front page about the Model Passover Seder that Club Haver held at the JCC on 3/18/2007 *
Article - JHV on Evan White - 02/2009 — * Turning 21 and losing one’s medical care - Texas, we have a problem by AARON HOWARD 12.FEB.09 *
Article - World Jewish Digest 03/2008 — * Charter Jewish Day Scool (Florida) NOT Special Needs *
Article - World Jewish Digest 09/2008 — * A Home of Their Own - housed on Israel's Kibbutz Kishorit *
Article about MELISSA BINSTOCK* MELISSA BINSTOCK writes a book about her battles with Tourette syndrome and an eating disorder *
Autism Speaks* Autism Speaks - National Movement *
Ben Gamla's Bold Experiment — * March 2008 - Jewish Charter Day School in Florida *
Bowling - 3/25/2007* Bowling - informal social get-together - JHV article 3/2007 *
Camp Simcha — 2007 & 2008 TEXAS (No longer offering camp) Jewish Camp in Texas @ Greene Family Camp
Count Me In — * Hanukkah Tzadakah project *
Dionysus Theatre @ the JCC — * Dionysus is a non-profit organization that provides theater experience for teens and young adults with disabilities, disadvantages or chronic illness, and those able-bodied actors who want to help spread a message of love, dignity and tolerance for people of all abilities. *
Friendship Circle - Houston* Friendship Circle extends a helping hand to families who have children and young adults with special needs and involves them in a full range of Jewish and social experiences *
JCC Houston - Club Haver - (info. needs to be updated) — * Club Haver for Social interaction - as well as mainstreaming the kids with trained staff into the JCC children’s programs *
JCC Houston - Nite Owls — * Social program for young adults - plus *
JCC Houston - TOPS Soccer - (Needs to be updated) — * Soccer Leauge for Special Needs Children *
JCRS — * Jewish Children's Regional Services (formerly the Jewish Children's Home) based in New Orleans and providing services to the Houston Jewish Community *
JFS - Jewish Family Service - Houston* Special Needs Task Force - includes new online resource guide *
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston - Bureau of Jewish Education (BJE) — * Kesher Program including Sunday School class open to all irrespective of affiliation or lack thereof and hosted at Beth Israel, STARS school class for ages 2 to 5 at the JCC/BAC, and Yom Limmud – a citywide day of Jewish learning. *
Ozreinu is a Torah study/spiritual support group for parents of children with special needs Based in Los Angeles - Ozreinu is a Torah study/spiritual support group for parents of children with special needs
Rabbi Artson visit to Houston 11/15/2009* JHV article written by Aaron Howard - Rabbi Artson to visit Houston 11/15/2009 *
Special Friends Club — * JCRS – Jewish Children’s Regional Service *
TACA = Talk About Curing Autism — * Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), as a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization, is focused on building the autism community by connecting people – families, friends and professionals – and sharing information which can help children with autism be the best they can be. *
The River - Home Page — * Activities for all *
Valuable Information - MUST READ — * Everyone MUST read Chava's article about the need to get on the lists ASAP.*
Video - Soeren Palumbo Fremd HS Speech 2/28/07* You Tube Video - Sibling view *
Yad B'Yad (Inclusion in Jewish Day School)* "Hand in Hand" - a pilot program @ Beren to accommodate Special Needs children for 90 minutes per week *