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2014 FC WALK

Below are three links to the pictures I took at the 2014 WALK - ENJOY:

This is the "start" - about 123 of the 360 pictures.

The "second batch" of 100 pictures.

The "last batch" of 75 pictures (there were more but not the most flattering ...)

Added - batch of 24 pictures * * * 2014 FC WALK Pix - MORE pictures taken by other Friends

and another 161 added from FC Facebook page taken by others (apologies if some are duplicates)

VIDEO (to be uploaded ASAP) of the pre-Walk - (my apologies but it starts with a blank screen and then the first speaker is pictured upside down - but it corrects after a few minutes)

Friendship Circle Walk Participants

MARK KATZENELLENBOGEN Leading the Friendship Walk was a wagon-load of colorful participants and balloons. Immediately behind are Shoshana Traxler and Stanford and Joan Alexander.

Link to the 2014 WALK website

Regards, Mark K.

The Jewish Herald Voice (JHV) featured the 2014 WALK on their front page

By VICKI SAMUELS LEVY - Thu, Feb 27, 2014

A record number of caring, supportive members of the Jewish community turned out on a sunny Sunday, Feb. 23, for the Friendship Circle’s annual Friendship Walk. This year’s walk – to raise money for the yearlong Judaism-inspired friends-for-friends with different abilities programming – began at Jewish Family Service and ended at Beth Yeshurun synagogue, with food and festivities.

Read all about it ... but only in the print edition of the JHV. Lots of stories and special features are only available in the print edition of the Jewish Herald-Voice. To make sure you are not missing out, subscribe now!

Letters & Promo

Letters from Parents regarding their experiences with The Friendship Circle

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